Felice Della Gatta

Graphic designer
👋 I'm Felice! I'm an Italian freelance designer currently living in Portugal. I'm passionate about travel, freelancing, and digital products.

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Conjure - Remote note-and-vote brainstorming

Hi everyone!

New to the community here, (👋  Dane Lyons  ) thought the best way to introduce myself would be to just tell you about my side project: Conjure, a remote note-and-vote brainstorming app.
In my job as a designer, I often find myself having to facilitate group decision-making with my clients' teams. Note-and-vote is the simplest and most effective tool in the facilitator's kit.

An in-person note-and-vote brainstorming session usually goes like this:

  1. A problem is presented to a group in the form of a question.
  2. Group members write their individual answers/solutions on sticky notes (1 per answer) and attach them to a wall or whiteboard for everybody to see.
  3. When all answers are in, the group briefly discusses the answers and then members vote individually for the answers they deem to be the best. This is usually done by attaching dot stickers to the notes that members want to upvote.

This helps everybody in the group have their ideas heard while avoiding neverending discussions. The objective is to enable remote teams to replicate this process seamlessly through an app.

Where I'm at:

✅ Designed logo (Most important thing right?)
✅ Designed the MVP UI
✅ Hired a dev & started development

I believe I'm a couple of weeks away from a usable v1.
Didn't plan any further than that 😁
Happy to answer any question if you're curious.

Thanks y'all for having me!
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