A diverse community of makers

Cross-functional collaboration has always been very intriguing to me. Imagine you are an electrician by trade. You spend your nights tinkering with circuit boards, actuators, gyroscopes, and anything else you can bolt onto your contraptions.

One day this invention idea hits you. One of your latest contraptions could actually be useful to other people. You'd like to turn it into a product but you're blocked because your product vision hinges on a mobile app, and you have no idea how to even begin creating an app.

That's where this community comes in. We want to build a diverse group of makers so an electrician can ask a software engineer questions. Or maybe a software engineer needs to learn from a woodworker.

That's the environment we're trying to create here.

Working outside your field, or comfort zone, means you've got to be willing to ask dumb questions. It also means the community should be patient and willing to work with dumb questions and help turn them into smart questions.

If you are interested in collaborating with other makers, then join us!
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