Need help from a fellow maker?

We hope to build a community where people are generous with their words and ideas. In most cases, feel free to ask questions or seek feedback without putting up a bounty. Bounties are best used when you want to collaborate with a maker to produce something. It could be design, code, copy, video, audio, a 3D printed widget, or maybe even a hand sketch.

When offering up a bounty, try being as clear as possible in your ask. Ambiguity can create a situation where a maker produces something that doesn't meet your needs. This could make you feel unhappy from poor results and makers aren't happy because maybe they feel exploited.

For example, maybe you want a logo designed and you are tempted to create a $500 bounty for a finished logo. Maybe several makers try and contribute but none of the concepts really work. So you try iterating with the designers and have them do multiple iterations on each concept before deciding nothing is working, so you remove the bounty.

A better workflow might be to pay a smaller bounty for makers to produce logo concepts for your new brand. Maybe after paying for 5-10 concepts, something really catches your eye. So then you decide to work with the designer to refine the concept into a final logo. In this scenario, people are rewarded for their exploration help. And the exploration work turns into a larger commissioned project for the winning design.

It's better to break projects down into small chunks and value micro-contributions. Projects that are large in scope are usually not ideal for bounties.